How I Can Help

What are the therapy sessions like?

Your first therapy session could seem daunting. You might experience fear of releasing suppressed emotions or saying more than you want to. You might even wonder how a “stranger” could help you. It is not unusual to feel this way. However, by the end of your first session you will feel relieved that you were able to speak to someone who really understands and knows how to help you.

Will therapy help and how do I know which therapy will be more effective?

People go to therapy for many different reasons, this means that there are many different expectation, as people seek different things from therapy. You are welcomed to discuss your expectations with our counselling psychologist who are trained to use a wide range of therapies and therapeutic models to help you control your emotions.

How long will I need therapy for?

Each case is different. Most counselling psychologists offer short and long term therapy. This is something you are welcomed to discuss with our team. Ultimately you are free to stop therapy whenever you like.